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Our most frequently asked questions...

Application Questions:

Q: What would disqualify me from renting an apartment?

A: You must meet the income requirement of 3 times the monthly rent for any apartment you're applying for. If you fail a background check or have had an eviction recently, you will not qualify. If you have no rental history, we highly recommend you find someone to be a roommate or co-signer as you search for your first apartment.


Q: Do I need a co-signer?


Watch the video : 

Q: How much money do I need to make to apply for an apartment?

A: How you make your money and pay your rent doesn't matter as much as being able to prove that you make 3 times the monthly rent price for any apartment you're applying for. Proof of income is needed for any application. If you have a roommate, we use your combined income to qualify you, so consider finding one for a better chance at renting a two bedroom.

$595 Rent  = $1,785 Monthly Income / $695 Rent = $2,085 Monthly Income / $795 Rent = $2,385 Monthly Income

Q: How much money do I need to get the keys?

A: Once you've filled out an application and been approved by management, you'll need to pay your security deposit to reserve the apartment, which is the same price as the monthly rent. Once you sign a lease for an apartment, you will need to pay 1 full month's rent to get the keys and begin moving in. Within a few days you'll probably need to pay a deposit for any utilities you may be setting up so keep that in mind. (Rent Price + Rent Price = Move-In)

Q: What should I put for current address?

A: Put down wherever you live right now, if you don't have a current address, where are you sleeping? Put that down under current address then put down any places you've owned or rented recently. If you've never rented before, list the places where you've lived the most in the last 5 years.


Q: What should I put for employment?


A: Put down exactly where the money comes from that you plan on using to pay your rent. Written proof of income is needed for any application. If a friend or family member is going to be paying part of your rent, put it on the line for "What other income & source?" on the application.

Q: What do I put for Credit Reference?

A: If you have a credit card, car payment, student loans, or any other payment plan, list the biggest ones here, this is considered a good thing because it establishes you have credit history. If you don't have any of these things, list the bank you have an account with. It's best to fill out the application as much as possible.

Q: Should I list my roommate on my application?

A: Yes. Anyone over the age of 18 who will be living with you should also fill out their own seperate free application and submit them all together, along with current paystubs. Anyone under 18 can be listed on the adult applications. 

Q: How long does it take to get approved?

A: Due to the high volume of calls, emails, and tours we respond to daily, it can take up to 48 hours to approve your application. However, we may not always be able to respond to applications that are incomplete or don't meet the qualifications, We ask that you make sure you've given us everything we require in order to be approved. 

Maintenance Questions:

Q: What kind of maintenance service is included in my rent?

A: Our maintenance team is ready to help you. Requests that are texted to our office, emailed, or submitted to the tenant portal are received and responded to within 24 to 48 hours. Your kitchen appliances, windows, doors, heating/air conditioning, ceiling fans, wall damage, and leaks in the plumbing should all be reported immediately. Also report issues with the building such as entry doors, lights, parking hazards, or broken laundry machines to maintenance right away. At most locations the lawncare, gardening/flowers, and snow removal is provided for tenants. We will also respond to requests for bug/pest treatments. In some cases, third party professionals will be hired for appliances, construction projects, or pest control services. Cleaning services are not included in maintenance and tenants are encouraged to keep their kitchen, bathroom, and other home appliances clean for the best results, along with following the recommended appliance usage guidelines.

Q: Is there anything maintenance doesn't provide?

A: Generally speaking, you can contact us about anything that concerns you regarding your home and will receive an answer from maintenance. However, we typically do not provide the following:

  • Replacement light bulbs & batteries - Both are provided upon move-in, please replace them as needed after your initial move-in period. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector batteries should be changed every 6 months by tenants. 

  • Cleaning services - Window AC units, stoves, ovens, refrigerators, toilets, bathtubs, baseboard heaters, floors, and more should be cleaned regularly by the occupant of the home. Maintenance requests do not include cleaning your appliances.

  • Moving services - For legal reasons, our staff are not authorized to help with moving of any personal items. This includes tenants moving into or out of their homes as well as deliveries or lifting items for redecoration purposes. 

  • Police & Firefighter services: In case of an emergency call 911. For non-emergencies call the Springfield Police Non-emergency line. In some cases, we can provide video, but all incidents reported to police must be filed by the tenant directly.

Q: Do you respond to calls for Pest Control?

A: We are able to treat most common pests such as spiders, ants, and mice by providing a bait & kill method. For more serious pest control problems, we use Bacon Pest Control Services, based in Glenarm, IL. Most treatments are performed along with the tenant cleaning and actively preventing the harboring of pests.

WILD ANIMALS: Most wild animals must be handled by the Sangamon County Animal Control and can be called any day of the week. Raccoons, Possums, Bats, Dogs, and Cats are all subject to calling Sangamon County Animal Control for the physical removal of the animal before maintenance can respond. Tenants are encouraged to also keep their home in a state which prevents the harboring or spread of pests, by disposing of trash and cleaning their homes regularly, 

Q: Will maintenance ever enter my unit without notice?

A: No, maintenance will never enter your unit without your permission or proper notice.

We will always attempt to contact tenants by phone, email, or written notice 24 hours or more prior to any entry into your unit. With your permission, maintenance is able to come by your place anytime during our business hours to address concerns, if the schedule allows. Only instances where we do not have your permission to enter, we will need wait a formal 24 hour notice before entering your unit, per Illinois law. Upon arrival, our maintenance will always knock and announce themselves before entering. 

Q: Can I make home improvements myself?

A: Yes! We encourage you to love your home as long as you live there. Some guidelines to consider are:

  • You are welcome install common items you purchase; like a showerhead, curtain rods, toilet seat, or a video doorbell.

  • Mounting a TV or bookshelf to a wall should be professionally installed and will be subject to our $75 deposit fee. 

  • Any other significant damages as a result could be charged to the tenant in fees or deducted from your security deposit.

  • Tenants are welcome to keep bug spray, mouse traps, and other basic home repair tools to use as needed.

  • UPGRADING APPLIANCES: Your unit comes with working appliances provided. If you'd like to upgrade your appliances, like the stove, refrigerator, an additional AC unit, or the dishwasher, you are welcome to purchase and install them at your own expense, however, you must do so with permission from maintenance to ensure that the measurements and utilities are compatible for your purchase. We are not interested in purchasing any appliances from tenants which have been upgraded, you are welcome to take it with you upon move-out. 

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