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Application Questions:

Q: What would disqualify me from renting an apartment?

A: You must meet the income requirement of 3 times the monthly rent for any apartment you're applying for. If you fail a background check or have had an eviction recently, you will not qualify. If you have no rental history, we highly recommend you find someone to be a roommate or co-signer as you search for your first apartment.


Q: Do I need a co-signer?


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Q: How much money do I need to make to apply for an apartment?

A: How you make your money and pay your rent doesn't matter as much as being able to prove that you make 3 times the monthly rent price for any apartment you're applying for. Proof of income is needed for any application. If you have a roommate, we use your combined income to qualify you, so consider finding one for a better chance at renting a two bedroom.

$495 Rent  = $1,485 Monthly Income / $595 Rent = $1,785 Monthly Income / $695 Rent = $2,085 Monthly Income

Q: How much money do I need to rent an apartment?

A: Once you've filled out an application and been approved by management, you'll need to pay your security deposit to reserve the apartment, which is the same price as the monthly rent. Once you sign a lease for an apartment, you will need to pay 1 full month's rent to get the keys and begin moving in. Within a few days you'll probably need to pay a deposit for any utilities you may be setting up so keep that in mind. (Rent Price + Rent Price = Move-In)

Q: What should I put for current address?

A: Put down wherever you live right now, if you don't have a current address, where are you sleeping? Put that down under current address then put down any places you've owned or rented recently. If you've never rented before, list the places where you've lived the most in the last 5 years.


Q: What should I put for employment?


A: Put down exactly where the money comes from that you plan on using to pay your rent. Written proof of income is needed for any application. If a friend or family member is going to be paying part of your rent, put it on the line for "What other income & source?" on the application.

Q: What do I put for Credit Reference?

A: If you have a credit card, car payment, student loans, or any other payment plan, list the biggest ones here, this is considered a good thing because it establishes you have credit history. If you don't have any of these things, list the bank you have an account with. It's best to fill out the application as much as possible.

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